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Hi! I have a question that I'm hoping you or your followers can help me with. Smokey had a seizure last night, and after doing some research, I suspect she has feline audiogenic reflex syndrome–seizures triggered by certain noises. (Crinkling candy wrapper in this case.) Does anyone have experience with this and know how best to treat it?

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For the ask: I’m going to make my reply simple without hurting anyone because this is hard to handle. My cat bitty is 16 now so I understand:: Always do best for your animal, no matter how hard it hurts. The best for them is all I ever wanted. Goodluck, it’s your decision, if you love them either way you did the right thing. Remember that. If she’s playful and happy and not in pain I think you have some time left with her, just don’t wait too long once she’s not herself anymore.

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I’m wondering if you or your followers have any advice. My cat is 14yrs old and has a tumor on her tummy that the vets (I got a 2nd opinion too) “can’t say it’s cancer but it’s cancer” without doing a biopsy. They don’t suggest a biopsy because they may as well remove the whole thing, and they don’t suggest that because she’s older. They also found a small lump/lesion in her mouth, which apparently signifies the not-cancer cancer has spread, and that type of thing usually causes death around one month. That was over 3 months ago, when they suggested palliative care, and she’s been on pain killers and steroids since. The thing is, she is not showing any signs that they have told me to look out for signaling the end, and is in fact the same feisty, playful, affectionate, active kitty she’s always been. The surgery to remove the lump is $1500. Do I just let her keep living with this huge leaky tumor (which I have been trying to keep clean), for who knows how long?  Or do I get her surgery? Am I being selfish by prolonging her life? I feel so lost and confused and would really appreciate any advice anyone might have. 🙁 



My sweetheart Mr Blue Eyes in negative space.

The veterinarian say it is time to give up on him. I don’t know how much time he has left but he is on two medication to help keep his blood count up. We just don’t know for how long the drugs will be able to keep him alive. Say a 🙏for my sweetheart.


We foster failed. Here is the newest member of our family, Rory A. Bumpers.


Liz needs help

My name is Ina and I have a little cat who’s name is Liz. She was a stray cat I found on the street. I was so sorry for the poor little one because she was so small and definitely abused.

At first she was extremely shy and afraid but despite everything she kept following me. So I just had to take her with me. I had to bring her to the veterinary to check her. They told me she was in a bad condition. For example her ribs were in a bad condition (seems like people kicked her….), she missed two teeths, her kidneys don’t work normal and seems like she doesn’t hear very good (they kept pulling things out of her ears like dirt or sth like it, it wasn’t recognizable).

I got her vaccinated and treated but she still has a lot of problems. The good thing is that I found a good vet who is willing to help her but despite everything she has to undergo surgery. He offered to let me pay less than normal but it will still cost 800€. For me that’s still too much (normally it would cost over 2000€).

if you are wondering I go to work but I don’t earn enough to collect money for her. It is enough for me and her for everyday living but that’s it. Also I had a rough past too. My parents were both alcoholics and did drugs. They abused me, beat me up daily sometimes, yelled at me, told me how worthless I am and much more. But here I am now, alone without family, no friends but I have my little Liz. Believe me at the moment I do everything for her. I don’t care about my situation, her life is more important. Also I am allergic to cats, I’m sneezing the whole day but like I said, she is more important than everything.

So I here I am, begging other people for donations for her cause I’m too desperate to think of anything elese. I’d be more then grateful if there are people who are willing to help my lovely kittie.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone!!!!!

Please reblog this post even that would be a massive help.

Her is the link for donations :



Please help!

I really need your help! My 8 month old kitten, Luna, has an obstruction in her intestines and requires surgery to save her life. The cost for the surgery is going to be $3-4 grand. My mother has been in and out of the hospital, twice just this month, with heart problems from a cardiac arrest that happened the end of 2016, and she isn’t able to work. Luna is a recuse kitten we got shortly after losing a beloved cat, Joxer, this summer. It will devastate her and the family if we lose another fur baby. Please help us save her; every dollar can help us.






Had an appointment made for my boyfriend’s family cat Hunter and for one of the outside kittens we rescued named Jetson, Hunter is a senior cat and she started having seizures out of nowhere so we are getting her treated for that, and Jetson is getting treated for an upper respiratory infection possibly FIE and she is just the CUTEST little cinnamon roll!!! She literally was laying in my lap after she was treated like nothing happened purring away laying in her back in my arms with her legs stretched out completely limp taking a baby snooze.

Here is Hunter right before we left for the vet.

I wish I got pictures of Jetson sleeping in my arms but my phone was completely dead at the time 😭😭😭😭 here are a couple I got though right before my phone died ❤️❤️❤️❤️

She is so good!!!!!!!

Please send positive vibes to Hunter, we are hoping it’s not a brain tumor.




Reblog to save his life

This is Rhys, my 2 year old cat

You can do whatever you want with him, he never bites or scratches anyone and he loves playing fetch and sucking on soft plushy blankets

Another cat has bitten him and gave him this bacteria called Pyo Thorax which causes fluid behind his lungs. It’s a deadly condition, but thank god my mom and I noticed on time so he’s now in an animal hospital where they’re cleaning his lungs and

He’s doing really well at the moment

Unfortuately, the bacteria won’t completely be gone unless the vets do a surgery where they open up his chest and clean every little corner of the lungs so they know that all the bacteria are gone. Then again, Rhys is a strong lil man and he’s doing fine so the surgery will, according to the vets, go well and he’ll recover like any other cat.


The surgery is expensive and my mom, who has all the money for the surgery but planned on spending that money on buying new furniture for the house, thinks

“It’s a waste of money to spend it all on a cat”

This is why mom wants to put him to sleep tomorrow

I’m not asking anyone here for money.

I’m asking if you can REBLOG this post to convince my mother that little Rhysie’s life is worth the money and it’s sad to give up on him because he is already getting so much better and he is just soo strong

If my mom still decides to put him down, let this be the post that still keeps Rhys alive on Tumblr , which is where I got his name from❤️

He’d be so grateful if you’d introduce him to all your followers🐾

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We can’t let this beautiful baby die



This is Catilla the Hon(ey) aka Tilly. She is my mother’s cat and has a hematoma on her stomach. The vet is concerned that a tumor might be beneath it. Can everyone just keep her your thoughts until she gets better?

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