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Hi so Lady definitely needs to have surgery to have her liver back in her abdomen and not in her chest. While her liver enzymes were fine, the stuff the liver produces were a little low. Her breathing weirdness and coughing could also be due to the liver pressing on her lungs. The vet suggested I budget about $2500 and needless to say that’s not something I can save on my own in a timely manner. Any help and getting the word out would be incredibly helpful.

Here is the link to the fundraising campaign. If PayPal would work better for you the link is or Squarecash is $chikadee







We had a fire and lost so many things.

We lost one kitten. We have one fighting for his little life. Please reblog and consider donating. Even a dollar helps. His vet bill is so high. My heart is shattered

Please help us


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Owen’s Go Fund Me Page

This adorable and precious goober you see here is Owen, and he’s my best friend. Owen has been by my side since I was seven years old; he’s always made sure I was happy and never lonely.

Whenever I was ill, he’d curl up in my bed and watch over me as I slept. If I had a bad day with depression, he’d always keep close in the same room and tolerate any snuggles and cuddles I’d scoop him up for. If I tried, he would let me bury my wet, snotty face in his fur and purr his precious heart out until I was feeling better.

In turn, when I went to college, it was my bed he would retreat to back home when he was sick.  My room he’d sleep in and my room he’d seek comfort in. When I was able, I’d even skype-call back home and get to see this lovable little guy react to me being on a screen with delightful confusion and adorably close shots of his nose.

Now, he needs my help, and I’m scared, because the numbers are going up and up and I’m struggling to keep up with him.

Today, he needed a shot for an antibiotic (he’s been sick for a few weeks) and some blood tests to further diagnose his Heart Arrhythmia which was noticed last week during his last vet visit. Things are happening hard and fast. The vet (from today’s visit, the day I am writing this) is very adamant we take him in for an echo-cardiogram, but unfortunately, that requires a specialist who is only in town a handful of times each week – and a very hefty bill.

The echo-cardiogram for a pet runs $400-$500 for the test and results. The vet bill today was just shy of $300. This is before I even begin to think about what will follow once we have a treatment plan.

Right now, all I can say is that I’m terrified and I don’t know how to get this money. I didn’t expect this to happen so suddenly, but Owen means the world to me. He is the best friend I ever could have asked for and grown up as a loving, doting presence at my side.

I come now to you asking for help to keep my cat’s precious heart and life healthy and safe. Right now, I can’t begin to guess if my current goal is low-balling it with what’s to come, but right now, I just want to try and make sure I can afford what I KNOW is coming.

If anyone is able to help, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I know Owen does as well.

Thank you for reading my story.

Owen’s Go Fund Me Page


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Hello everyone! This is Fancy.  She is a ~12-13-week-old dilute tortoiseshell kitten my girlfriend found on the street while delivering pizza.  Her long coat makes it hard to see how thin she is, but she is very thin. Her bones are so prominent that we have to cuddle her wrapped in a towel or she can’t get comfortable. (Yes, that is exactly as heartbreaking as it sounds.)

In addition to being dangerously underweight, she is suffering from an abscessed bite wound and some sort of problem with her tail, as well as a heavy parasite load that is giving her runny poop issues and sapping her energy.  She is too small to even have the shots given to babies half her age.

Despite all this, Fancy is heart-meltingly sweet.  She loves people.  She talks a lot and even vocalizes softly while purring herself to sleep.  She is alert but she tires easily because she has no energy reserves and right now she basically only sleeps, eats, poops, sleeps, cuddles, talks about everything she does, eats some more, and sleeps.

She looks rough now but with some TLC she will be a beautiful cat with a nice, low-maintenance medium-length silky coat and vibrant lemon-lime eyes.  We want to find her a forever home, but we can’t do that until she is healthy enough!

We took her to the vet on Monday, July 30 and she has been wormed, treated for earmites, and tested clean for FeLV and heartworms, and her abscess has been cleaned out, which is all good, but she has some challenges. 

The vet says that at 3.6 lbs. she is ½ to ¾ of a pound underweight, which is a big difference when you are as small as she is. Imagine being 30 lbs. underweight. That’s scary.  This is the biggest hurdle right now.  The odds are absolutely in her favor, this is a problem we can fix, but she is still severely malnourished and that presents a very real risk.

Also her tail doesn’t work so great.  She can only move the first inch or so closest to her behind, and sometimes it’s hard to get it out of the way when she uses the litter box.  If it doesn’t improve as she gets stronger the vet wants to take X-rays to see what’s causing it and what needs to be done.

She has a checkup in 10 days but right now we cannot afford to take her to it, let alone pay for any more unexpected urgent treatment, because today’s vet appointment blew through everything we had saved back.

Will you please help us give her a second chance by visiting her fundraiser and sharing this post?  Fancy is a brave and strong young lady who wants to be healthy!  She wants to go home with someone who will make her their special little girl forever!

I’ve set a goal of $700 to cover what we had to pay today for testing, wound treatment, and medication, and the things we had to get to take care of her (piddle pad crate liners, her own toys, some special food to get her weight up, baby wipes to clean up her bottom, all that sort of thing) plus some extra for her next checkup, her shots, and some extra for imaging or in case something unexpected comes up (most likely another abscess, a respiratory infection, or gastritis).  We have other cats, one of whom has kidney disease and needs specialized food that costs kind of a lot, so this is putting a big strain on us financially.

She deserves so much better.  Please help us make her second chance as great as it can be.

Thank you so much.

Here’s her one chance.  Let’s not let Fancy down.


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This is JayJay the Wondercat. She has really bad cancer that can’t be fixed with surgery.  Sadly she is going to sleep on Friday July 20th.  Wondercat lived for 16 years, 8 with me,  

(submitted by @sonicpixiecanary)

So sorry to hear that. I’m sure you gave her a wonderful life.

Help Needed



So, I’m hesitant

to post this, but we need help. Our cat, John, has a huge growth on his neck and it’s getting bigger and bigger. We need about $500 for the vet to do a biopsy and remove the growth. With everything that’s happened in the last three months, my brother and mom dying and Lynn’s mom dying, we don’t have money for vet bills. So I’m asking for help from anyone willing to help out.

If you can help, we thank you SO much. Here’s my paypal link:

This is John:


Under the cut, you can see pics of the growth. Warning, it’s pretty gross.

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Click here to support Helping Honeybee organized by Domyen Jones:



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hey tumblr
i’m going to open emergency commissions along with my friend crystal to help pay for vet bills

this is my baby boy Congo, who is the most important pet ive ever had in my life. Congo was rushed to the vet’s today due to him not using his back legs. it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but the vet says the likely diagnosis for this is what is called saddle thrombus, which often has a grim prognosis
my very precious cat could possibly die and i don’t know what to do or how to handle it right now

ive included a picture of my vet bill to show what his current treatment is and its cost. as you can see, the highest cost for diagnostics and treatment is very near $3,000

here are some of my bust commission examples with prices:

sketch busts like this are $15
line art busts are $20
flat coloured busts are $30
full-colour/shaded busts are $45

here is my full commission information
to order a commission from me, simply shoot me a message here or via email at!

any help or signal boosts are greatly appreciated and loved and i can’t thank everyone enough for all the boosting already. i love this cat very very much and it pains me to see my baby this way and i want to help him and give him the chance at survival as much as possible

my friend crystal, bless her pure and perfect soul, is also holding emergency commissions for Congo (Dartty’s Commissions) and any donations should go to her paypal,

i seriously cant thank everyone enough for any help or signal boosting for my baby… i just want the best for him and for him to be okay, he’s so so very important to me.


Help bring Kiko home




Kiko is a 5 year old cat who was left at the vet by his previous owners in Abu Dhabi when they found out he needed his eyes removed.

Poor little Kiko is a fighter though, and is now doing extremely well, even without his sight.

We have found him an amazing home in the UK, with people who will love him, we just now need help raising some funds to help with the air fare, as shipping cats costs over £1,500. His new family can afford some of the cost, but we really need some help to reach the total.

Please help Kiko make his way to his loving new home in the UK.

We will provide full updates on Kikos journey once he makes the trip in October (Due to his snub nose he cannot fly during hot summer months).

Thank you all so much for your help, you are really changing this poor kittys life for the better! 


Signal Boost for Kiko.

A very sad situation. They are looking for hel…

A very sad situation. They are looking for help with funeral expenses for a kitten with FeLV that will not make it. 

Help here –