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Sick Cat 🐈

Sick Cat 🐈:

My cat Clyde is 13 years old. He’s one of the sweetest cuddle buddies I’ve ever had. He’s my emotional support animal, as well as my roommates’ ESA. He’s an amazing cat who deserves the best treatment and care, and unfortunately, he’s sick. Earlier this morning, we discovered blood in his urine and he was throwing up milky, foamy bile as well as not eating his food. We took him to an emergency pet clinic around 12 (noon) – around the same time we discovered the blood and vomiting – and were here for about four hours. He’s still currently there because he was unable to produce a urine sample for them to test for a UTI, but they took blood tests.

They discovered that his glucose levels were very high and that he has diabetes, but that is for a different time and a different post. This post is me asking for help to pay this medical bill so that when it comes to buying insulin and taking him to his glucose screenings, we’re more readily able to pay for those things. This medical bill is going to set me back a lot because as of right now, two of my three roommates are unable to help reimburse, and I have to pay about $1000 in student loans and rent a month. This cost doesn’t include my own medical bills, transportation fees, groceries, and other spending that happens in my day to day life. The medical bill was just short of $600

If you could share this or donate, even just a little bit, I’d really appreciate it. I hate to ask this, but I need help and Clyde needs help and I want him to be as comfortable and healthy as he can be.

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Hello everyone!

this is Momo, and he needs a home!

He’s in the greater Seattle area of Washington, USA but for the right adopter he could do a little traveling.

Momo is a ~10yo Turkish Angora neutered male, completely deaf, indoor cat, great at using a litterbox, and he’s looking for his next snugglebuddy.

this is the sweetest, friendliest, easiest cat you will ever love. he’s a great first-owner cat, cause he’s so easy. once he warms up to you he is affectionate, cuddly, talkative, and super sweet. he’s quite content hanging out during the day (he loves windows!) and then following you around when you get home until you can sit down for snuggles. he could very easily make a great comfort animal.

if he wants something he will Do A Screm. a v big screm. all of the screm. you will wonder how so much noise came out of one cat. usually screm means feed me or cuddle me.

(do not let him fool you. fuuds are rationed and screms will not produce more fuuds. screms CAN be usually solved with cuddles, though. and snuggling during the night. plz snuggle your momo when sleeping, it is strongly recommended by the manufacturers.)

ngl I think I love momo more than I love the animals I already own. He is THAT perfect at being a luvvyboy.

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it cannot be. for momo is a jealous butt, and also thinks smaller animals are Delightful Toys To Hunt. unfortunately momo is… not so good at size estimations. So anything that he thinks is remotely his size = “smaller animal”. he needs to be an only cat, and as far as we’ve experienced, he only does well with larger dogs. he’s been passed around my family because of this, and it’s time for him to find a permanent home elsewhere.

please send me a pm or ask if you are interested! feel free to share this to anybody you know who you think he would be good for.


PLEASE adopt him!!!!! He’s sooooo cute!!!! I wish I could adopt him, but my dogs really hate cats D:










This is a long shot, but I figure I’ll try.

My cats are in danger. I’ve posted a little about it, but here’s the summary: Yesterday, 12/1/17, my abusive father called me to tell me he’s tired of having 4 cats in the house (2 are mine, 1 is my brother’s and the remaining cat was the family/my dead brother’s cat). He proceeded to graphically describe the horrific, painful, bloody deaths he wanted to give them. But then tell me, in typical manipulative abusive fashion, that he “just couldn’t do it, because it would be like killing a part of [me].” I said I would try and find a home for them ASAP. I do not trust this man. I do not think they are in a safe place. I am constantly worried about their safety but I live ¾ of the way across the country and have no way to get there, get them, and bring them safely to me. My apartment complex has a pet limit, and we’ve hit it. Even if we hadn’t, there’s no way I could scrounge up the money for me to retrieve them AND $1000 in pet fees/deposits AND comprehensive vet checks to ensure they’re ok.

But wait, you think, if I knew he was such a horrible human being, why are my cats living with them? Short answer is, I didn’t know that he was such a vile, disgusting person as to threaten the health and safety of innocent animals that have never done anything to him. When I originally left my cats at my parent’s house, my parents were still married and mom took care of them. When they got divorced, my mom refused to take the cats (because it was inconvenient for her), but my dad had a girlfriend that loves cats, so I felt like they were safe. They’ve broken up, I’ve been in a really tight spot financially and I can’t figure out if this is an attempt to further control my life, or get back at her. Both, maybe. My mom now lives with her fiance, who has a husky who thinks cats are food and they’re about to get a puppy. Neither cat does well with dogs.

This is my plea: If you are in the Northern Connecticut/Hartford Area and would be willing to adopt one, or both, of my fuzzy boys please let me know. They’re both wonderful, loving cats and they don’t deserve this.

This is Tiger. I adopted him as a kitten in 2008, so he should be around 10 years old this coming year. He is neutered and is absolutely an indoor only cat (he is literally scared of the sky, the few times he has darted out the door because the other cats talked him into it, he would run off the porch, look up, and run back on the porch and hide under the porch chairs and yell until someone came to get him). He does not have a microchip. As you can see, he needs to go on a diet.  He’s a loud, whiny drama king that likes to follow people into the bathroom so that you have to pet him while you’re on the toilet. He isn’t a fan of new situations so I expect that he would take some time to warm up to a new home. I think he would be happy in either a home where he’s the only cat OR in a home where there are other cats. He’s never lived with dogs. He prefers to typically lay NEXT to you (but touching) than on you (thank goodness because that’s a lot of cat). Tiger will pat at you with one of his paws when it’s time to pet him, and he purrs like a motor. He is not up to date on shots or vet checks or anything like that. The last one he had was most likely when I brought him last, in 2013, prior to having to leave him at my parent’s house because I was in provided housing for internship where I wasn’t allowed to have pets. I haven’t been in a situation where I could take him myself, and my parents don’t see the point in bringing a cat to the vet. 

This is Mumford. I adopted him in 2012. I think he’s about 6-8 years old.  He is neutered and has been an indoor cat. He does have a microchip. Mumford is a super chill cat that does like to snuggle right in your lap. My dad’s girlfriend used to scoop him into the baby hold and walk around cradling him while he purred loudly in her arms. He loves people. Absolutely loves them. He would be most happy in a multi-cat household. He snuggles with the other cats and grooms them. When I brought Mumford home, Tiger had been an only cat for about a month. This was, apparently, enough time for Tiger to get adjusted to being an only cat and he threw a hissy fit and wouldn’t even stay on opposite sides of the bed as him for 9 months. Mumford, on the other hand, was ready to be bros for life from day 1. When Mumford was introduced to the 2 other cats they now live with, he again transitioned smoothly and with grace. He is a sweet boy that wants to jump on your back and lay down while you’re bent over to tie your shoes. He gives little love nips to let you know if it’s time to stop petting him. Again,  He is not up to date on shots or vet checks or anything like that. The last one he had was most likely when I brought him last, in 2013

prior to having to leave him at my parent’s house because I was in provided housing for internship where I wasn’t allowed to have pets. I haven’t been in a situation where I could take him myself, and my parents don’t see the point in bringing a cat to the vet.

These are 2 incredibly sweet boys who deserve a safe, loving home where they are wanted. I’m stuck in a horrible position, where my hands are essentially tied and there’s not much that I can do except hope that someone, somewhere, will be willing to take them in. I would consider splitting them up, mostly because Tiger does seem like he would be very happy to be an only cat with a human that would dote on him. 

I don’t know that they’ll come with anything, even carriers. I used to have 2 large, roomy, hard-sided carriers for them but I don’t know if my dad still has them or not. I just want them somewhere safe and loved.

Please, feel free to share this around and please message me if you’re interested or have any questions. 

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SAVE BUENOA close friend needs some help with …


A close friend needs some help with an operation for her cat Bueno who has a deep gaping wound in his stomach and a severely fractured leg! Please boost. Please please please.

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This is my grandpa’s cat. Her name is Kewpie and my grandma is going to have her put to sleep when he dies (which it looks like he is set to do soon). She is older, but perfectly healthy. Because she is old and also not very social they do not think anyone would adopt her.

I will be upfront that she is not likely to ever be very snuggly with you and that she is in many respects semi-feral. Also sometimes she does stress peeing. I won’t lie or anything but I still don’t feel that she ought to die just because my grandmother does not want to keep her.

She is in Clarkesville, Ga. I am in Gainesville, Fl. If you think you could take her in and are within a couple hours of either of those places, or anywhere in between them, please let me know! Thank you! ❤


The Bug’s Vet Bills

The Bug’s Vet Bills: seacret-mermaids:

Guys, I just spent like $800 on vet tests for…

If anyone in the Cleveland area is looking to adopt a cat there…

If anyone in the Cleveland area is looking to adopt a cat there is a sweet boy named Paul at the CLE Animal Protective League!! He’s 10 but he is very sweet and cuddly and he won the Creaky Door Meow award!! I love him so much but I can’t adopt a cat right now and I just want to make sure he goes to a good home. He loves treats, too!! 

Update: This is Paul, Idk why he doesn’t have an online listing tho, maybe he’s new?? He looks grumpy in the photo but if u give him treats he warms right up

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Help! Sasha needs a better home


This is Sasha. The cutest hamburger you’ll ever meet. We brought her home…

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I usually don’t put personal things on here and i never put advertisements but…

Fundraiser by Kelsey Rose: Stewie’s Vet Bills

Fundraiser by Kelsey Rose: Stewie’s Vet Bills: k3lsinat0r:


Please help, we are in the…