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Hello everyone!

this is Momo, and he needs a home!

He’s in the greater Seattle area of Washington, USA but for the right adopter he could do a little traveling.

Momo is a ~10yo Turkish Angora neutered male, completely deaf, indoor cat, great at using a litterbox, and he’s looking for his next snugglebuddy.

this is the sweetest, friendliest, easiest cat you will ever love. he’s a great first-owner cat, cause he’s so easy. once he warms up to you he is affectionate, cuddly, talkative, and super sweet. he’s quite content hanging out during the day (he loves windows!) and then following you around when you get home until you can sit down for snuggles. he could very easily make a great comfort animal.

if he wants something he will Do A Screm. a v big screm. all of the screm. you will wonder how so much noise came out of one cat. usually screm means feed me or cuddle me.

(do not let him fool you. fuuds are rationed and screms will not produce more fuuds. screms CAN be usually solved with cuddles, though. and snuggling during the night. plz snuggle your momo when sleeping, it is strongly recommended by the manufacturers.)

ngl I think I love momo more than I love the animals I already own. He is THAT perfect at being a luvvyboy.

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it cannot be. for momo is a jealous butt, and also thinks smaller animals are Delightful Toys To Hunt. unfortunately momo is… not so good at size estimations. So anything that he thinks is remotely his size = “smaller animal”. he needs to be an only cat, and as far as we’ve experienced, he only does well with larger dogs. he’s been passed around my family because of this, and it’s time for him to find a permanent home elsewhere.

please send me a pm or ask if you are interested! feel free to share this to anybody you know who you think he would be good for.


PLEASE adopt him!!!!! He’s sooooo cute!!!! I wish I could adopt him, but my dogs really hate cats D:







SAVE BUENOA close friend needs some help with …


A close friend needs some help with an operation for her cat Bueno who has a deep gaping wound in his stomach and a severely fractured leg! Please boost. Please please please.

(submitted by @florde-luna)

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This is my grandpa’s cat. Her name is Kewpie and my grandma is going to have her put to sleep when he dies (which it looks like he is set to do soon). She is older, but perfectly healthy. Because she is old and also not very social they do not think anyone would adopt her.

I will be upfront that she is not likely to ever be very snuggly with you and that she is in many respects semi-feral. Also sometimes she does stress peeing. I won’t lie or anything but I still don’t feel that she ought to die just because my grandmother does not want to keep her.

She is in Clarkesville, Ga. I am in Gainesville, Fl. If you think you could take her in and are within a couple hours of either of those places, or anywhere in between them, please let me know! Thank you! ❤


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I usually don’t put personal things on here and i never put advertisements but…

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