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Sunday Sploot with bonus racing stripe

Long sploot with bonus tail curl.


Good morning, good morning. We’ve danced the whole night through. Good morning, good morning to you. (Sound up for Siamese harmonies.)

New comforter gets the sploot of approval.

Southern California Siamese Rescue saved Midna from a high kill shelter, but to our dismay Midna’s sad story continued. We soon realized upon rescuing her she was experiencing irritation of both eyes and suffering from an ulcer on one of her eyes.

An ophthalmic consult soon confirmed what we suspected, a congenital issue called ‘eyelid agenesis’, which simply put means the upper eyelids didn’t fully form and their absence allows the hairs above the eye to rub on the eyes with every blink. Ouch! No wonder Midna usually keeps her eyes closed!

The ulcer has been treated and healed nicely. Next step is a procedure called cryosurgery. This procedure freezes off the hairs around the upper eyelid and alleviates the source of irritation. This should offer Midna long-term relief. The estimate from the eye specialist for the surgery is $1562.

Midna is a very sweet girl who loves to sit beside you and purrs loudly when you show her love. She deserves to be pain free. Please help us to help Midna feel better. No donation is too small. Donations are tax deductible.

We thank you and Midna thanks you


This is what Tobi sounds like when we come back from an overnight trip. 😂 I have a few of these and they’re all gold.


Good morning, boys! Time to conquer the day! (Sound up for Holst!)

When is the full length movie coming out?


She brought me glasses. Not my glasses, but close enough 😂


Sleepytime squeaks and sneeze. (Sound up to hear cats who obviously swallowed a squeaky toy.)


Andrew with the soft meows.