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I had to say goodbye to my best friend today. 

Thank you, Miss Vickie, for giving me the blessing of yourself.

Victoria Grace Thunderbell, 2002-2020. 

I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Miss Vickie.


I haven’t used this in quite some time but my baby passed recently and these are the best photos I’ve every taken of her. She’s a legit angel. Please show her love.

I posted her here before but this was my baby Skimmer! She passed away not too long ago and I miss her sweet lil face every day.

Here she is sneezin! Gosh I miss her!!

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This is my kitten Chiche. She just passed away. Just wanted the tumblr people to appreciate how lovely she was as much as I did. She deserves it. You will forever be loved.



Rest in peace my sweet little boy 🥺🖤


Updated versions of the cats Martini, Rossi, and Shasta who belonged to @mostlycatsmostly along with the new smooth option. Old versions here

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I love them. Thank you.


bah, lost another kitty lost.
Wanted to try my hand at Baby Yoda when I heard the news. This is the (still wip) result. 



Friends forever


Lil bub’s death is hitting me with all kinds of feels. I’m happy though that she got to live such a good life even with her condition.

Im so happy this little cutie raised so much for charity and did so much good. May she inspire others to help other pets no matter who they are. <3