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Click here to support Bonnie Blue’s medical expenses organized by Jennifer Ryan:


I hate to be that person, but my baby Blue is so important to me, If you could please share this and consider donating even $1 I would be so grateful.

Please help if you can <3




Liz needs help

My name is Ina and I have a little cat who’s name is Liz. She was a stray cat I found on the street. I was so sorry for the poor little one because she was so small and definitely abused.

At first she was extremely shy and afraid but despite everything she kept following me. So I just had to take her with me. I had to bring her to the veterinary to check her. They told me she was in a bad condition. For example her ribs were in a bad condition (seems like people kicked her….), she missed two teeths, her kidneys don’t work normal and seems like she doesn’t hear very good (they kept pulling things out of her ears like dirt or sth like it, it wasn’t recognizable).

I got her vaccinated and treated but she still has a lot of problems. The good thing is that I found a good vet who is willing to help her but despite everything she has to undergo surgery. He offered to let me pay less than normal but it will still cost 800€. For me that’s still too much (normally it would cost over 2000€).

if you are wondering I go to work but I don’t earn enough to collect money for her. It is enough for me and her for everyday living but that’s it. Also I had a rough past too. My parents were both alcoholics and did drugs. They abused me, beat me up daily sometimes, yelled at me, told me how worthless I am and much more. But here I am now, alone without family, no friends but I have my little Liz. Believe me at the moment I do everything for her. I don’t care about my situation, her life is more important. Also I am allergic to cats, I’m sneezing the whole day but like I said, she is more important than everything.

So I here I am, begging other people for donations for her cause I’m too desperate to think of anything elese. I’d be more then grateful if there are people who are willing to help my lovely kittie.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone!!!!!

Please reblog this post even that would be a massive help.

Her is the link for donations :


Please help

Due to our financial situation, we strongly might possibly have to get rid of our two cats, Sunnie and Stormy, soon.

This absolutely breaks my heart because we have had them since they were just barely 8 weeks old, and it hurts so much thinking I have to let my babies go.

I absolutely don’t want to them to leave my life because they have made me love life so much more and running Patterns Pets with them has been so much fun.

I’m going to be opening my commissions up, you’ll be able to find it under my commission page under #commission on my blog. If you want to see more of my silly goofy babies, you’ll be able to find them under #patterns pets

If you want to donate, you can donate at

Thank you for your support!




This is my beloved cat Sookie. Ive had her for around 14 or so years. I’m not sure how old she was when we got her but I’m pretty sure she was close to a year old. I saved her from some abusive neighbors that probably beat her then threw her outside to fend for herself. She found our way into our home and our hearts because she was always trying to come in. Things have been great since.

But there have been changes. My family got into a fight and my mom and I had to seperate from them to get away from the abuse. Luckily we kept the cats. Its been a constant financial struggle since. I’d say it’s around 8 or 9 years of getting jobs…losing jobs…going to college and dropping out and going back again. My mom throughout it all managed to get her degree. Things were looking hopeful but its taken more time than we thought for her to find a job. Meanwhile I stopped going to college because I suffered a relapse back into my severe depression. Anyone who knows me on here knows the sacrifices I’ve made for my pets and my mom and all the help ive gotten along the way.

Some of my pets that I first had passed away due to old age but there’s still hope for Sookie. Shes been fighting off an infection th at comes and goes from her paw. And its been fucking hard to beat and to keep her from messing with. It looked like it was getting better but things have changed. I need to get her to a vet as soon as I can but I don’t have the money or the transportation and I need help with both. The vet visit is $75 and the ride to and from using lift will be about $24. I also need to get a new carrier which will be about $40. My goal is around $150 or so dollars but that could change considering shed need to get tests done on her. If you need any proof i understand. I could provide all that stuff to you. Id do research on exact prices as well and include pictures of how bad her paw is. I’m doing this on mobile so I’m not sure how to do a read more to show how awful it looks. Its heartbreaking and I want to do every little thing i can but I need your help. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Please help. Please boost.

My PayPal is

Thanks a billion. x

Update: she’s vomiting and not having much of an appetite. It looks like she might have caught an infection. Please I need help asap. I want to be able to take her in tomorrow or Monday at the latest. This is so important. Please donate please boost.



hi. this is a really, really long shot and I doubt this will go very far but I’m getting desperate and have nowhere else to turn to.

this is sausage — he’s been with us for six years and he’s around eleven years old. a week ago on June 16, he went missing and we fear the worst. unfortunately he’s not microchipped (to my knowledge) and doesn’t wear a collar, but we’ve tried everything in our power to get him back. we’ve layed out old shirts and blankets with food, called for him, and went around to the neighbors.

he’s a brown tabby domestic shorthair with no white — he does have a whitish muzzle but that’s because he’s getting older. he has broken up mackerel stripes and he’s pretty big for a DSH.

if he is alive, he’s likely somewhere in the seabeck / silverdale area in Washington State / Kitsap County. i don’t live there, but that’s the place where he lived.

if you’ve seen him or might know of anybody who has, please reach out to me. reblogs are hugely appreciated, even if you don’t live around here – I just want closure.

thank you for reading.

Southern California Siamese Rescue saved Midna from a high kill shelter, but to our dismay Midna’s sad story continued. We soon realized upon rescuing her she was experiencing irritation of both eyes and suffering from an ulcer on one of her eyes.

An ophthalmic consult soon confirmed what we suspected, a congenital issue called ‘eyelid agenesis’, which simply put means the upper eyelids didn’t fully form and their absence allows the hairs above the eye to rub on the eyes with every blink. Ouch! No wonder Midna usually keeps her eyes closed!

The ulcer has been treated and healed nicely. Next step is a procedure called cryosurgery. This procedure freezes off the hairs around the upper eyelid and alleviates the source of irritation. This should offer Midna long-term relief. The estimate from the eye specialist for the surgery is $1562.

Midna is a very sweet girl who loves to sit beside you and purrs loudly when you show her love. She deserves to be pain free. Please help us to help Midna feel better. No donation is too small. Donations are tax deductible.

We thank you and Midna thanks you

Signal Boost. Lost Cat. Chesterfield VA Area.

@strayliotta is missing.

We live in the Meadowdale area of N. Chesterfield, VA. Stray is about 12 to 14 lbs. Black/grey tabby. Neutered male. Last seen wearing his orange bird collar, with a blue Hambassador tag. With name and number. He knows his name, but can be skittish.

Lost Cat. Stray Liotta is missing. Be on the lookout for this guy. Please contact via Twitter if there are any sitings. Virginia people please spread the word.


I need help asap.

My cat is not only a year old and is in need of medical care. She will at least need stitches and antibiotics so cost is estimated around $300. I don’t expect to get too much but abby amount helps. My PayPal is /RatSociety. I’ll be posting pictures of her injury at the end so tw for an open wound (I would put it in a read more but I’m on mobile). I know I don’t have a lot of followers so @thecutestcatever @tumbler-of-cats please if you can spread this I would really appreciate it.

Please, I love my cat. She means more than the world to me. I’ve been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts and she’s been my support animal for the past couple months. She’s super sweet and I’ve been falling apart seeing her like this. Below are some gifs of her when she was healthy.

The muscle is exposed and the skin is torn. The hole is about the size of a half dollar. There is no way this injury will close on its own without stitches. As I mentioned above, we were given an estimate of about $300 for her recovery. Action is needed before infection sets in.