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‘I Like Big Cats And I Cannot Lie’



Okay. Shameless plug here! I am in a small sorority on my college’s campus and all active members are required to raise $50 during the year! I thought it would be cool/ fun/ different to design a shirt and try selling it. Our primary philanthropy is the Cozy Cat Cottage, which is a no-kill cat rescue near Columbus, Ohio. If I raise more that $50, the extra money will go directly to the CCC. I would love love love if you could buy a shirt, spread this message, or do both!

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Haveh Our Mojave!

Want to wake up to this handsome face? Mojave was one of our most critical cats at one point, but he’s sitting there like a cat version of Ian Somerhalder, right? He’s one cool dude. Check out his story on his Petfinder listing:

If you’re in California, you could have his hunk of fluff as your forever friend. Drop him an app.

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i know this isnt bout weed today but my cat needs urgent help right now. so im very desperate. On thanksgiving Asher snuck out of the house. The next day the neighbors found him in their yard and they have dogs.  They did not know who the owner was at the time. They took him to the vet and got pain meds, because they found him and his jaw was not aligned right. On the 25th of November they found out we owned him. We rushed him to the emergency vet and they said his jaw is fractured and has a wound from a dog biting up his jaw and the only thing that will let his jaw heal the best way possible but of course it wont heal properly this way so we need this surgery. Unfortunately I can’t afford the surgery. So I had to go the muzzle wrap and feeding tube direction which ran about $330, which is all the money I had left and it didnt even cover cleaning the wound. He is on pain meds but he has been so uncomfortable and I would love for him to get the help he needs And deserves. Please anything will help!


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This is my handsome christmas boy. He is sick right now, and I’m beyond broke and just about to start a new job, so the money isn’t coming in immediately. The last time he was sick he almost died. I think I’ve caught it earlier this time, but I don’t know how much it’ll cost and I’m really worried. If anyone could drop a few dollars in my paypal account to help me cover the vet and any meds or treatments, it would mean the world to me, and I’m happy to return any unused money if people need. Thank you for sharing this,

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Please Help Neiko!



The cat pictured above is Neiko.  He’s my Roommate’s mom’s cat.  @ghostremnant​ lived with him for about 5 years.  Earlier today, she received news that Neiko and Tigger (another one of the mom’s cats) had been attacked by some aggressive dogs.  The owner of the dogs is denying any ownership of the animals.  

Please Help Neiko!  

Above is a link to donate to help Neiko for Vet costs for the dogs.  

What I am about to say can be triggering to some.  Take Caution. 

Tigger was killed and eaten.  The other, Neiko, was able to escape.  However he is missing a front leg.  

This is a copy of the Post that DOES NOT include the Triggering Pictures.  To see that Version, Click HERE

Please Help Neiko!  



Meet Baby G

Meet BabyG

BabyG is approximately 6 months old and is a black and white short haired kitty with a very cute face. She was rescued in San Bernadino County along with her mom, Maybelline, and have both been in foster care for the last 5 months living with their human foster mom and dad.

BabyG is very playful with her mom and like most kittens feels very safe in knowing her mommy is always just a few steps away guarding her as well as teaching her the ways of social skills and independence. Although like most youngsters her curiosity is continually growing and while she was once very shy and skittish around humans, she is beginning to grow more comfortable in allowing her foster parents to rub her neck and pet her.

She loves the attention she gets from her foster parents when they play with her and her kitty toys — she may very well enjoy other cats too since she roughhouses with her mom quite a bit. She’s still on the shy side around strangers and children and doesn’t feel comfortable being handled which could be the result of their abandonment and tough beginning living on the streets. However in the few months they’ve been in foster care they’ve grown very content and feel safe in their environment and have adjusted quite well.

BabyG is ready to explore the outside world and start her own adventure with a forever family in a new home. She would be a lively addition to any family and I believe has the temperament to adjust and adapt to any situation.

If you’re interested in adopting her mom, Maybelline, you would have a very well behaved sweet pair of kitties that enjoy each other and play a lot and provide a lot of fun and entertainment.

Adoption application:

This is mom, Maybelline.  California people! 

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Hi folks. I’m really sorry to come to you today asking for money, it’s not something I’m comfortable with or good at.

We have a cat named Diego. He’s been with us for 7 years. My partner and I adopted him when we moved into our first apartment together. He’s our very first pet as a couple.

Unfortunately, Diego is sick. We’re not sure exactly what’s wrong; we just spent all of our money at the local vet to learn that he’s got something unclear wrong with his liver.

So we need to get Diego a liver biopsy to find out what’s wrong. It’ll cost us about $900. Our credit cards are heavily burdened from the vet visit. So that’s why I’m coming to you folks today, in hopes that you can help our boy.

The biopsy will tell us if the issue is treatable. It could be a simple infection and we just need to help him ride it out. It could also be cancer and there’s nothing we can do. He’s lost a tremendous amount of weight in a month – he went from a chubby 19.5 pounds down to 13 pounds. He’s sad, and he hurts, and he’s having trouble eating. But he’s alert, and he wants nothing more than to be held and pet and comforted right now. He’s been purring non-stop just to comfort himself (and us, I suspect – he was always the type to know when we weren’t feeling good and offer snuggles).

Right now, he’s on a complicated regimen of medicine to help him eat. But that’s just treating this one symptom. We have no idea if we’re helping him actually recover or if we’re just giving him a little more time with us before we have to say goodbye. If there’s anything you can do to help us get some answers, it would mean the world to us, and to him. 

He’s genuinely the sweetest cat in the entire world, and if he is on his way back to kitty heaven (believe me, they really sent us their sweetest angel), we just want him to feel loved.

Thank you.

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Special sticker of my special boy Atlas!
He has biopsy and surgery next week and we’re hoping to offset some of the costs coming in. When we got back from MFF he had a lump on his jaw and it’s just grown larger of the last day so we took him to the emergency vet + our normal vet the next day to schedule surgery. Hoping it’s just a tooth abscess and can be fixed easily with removing it and not something more serious from the biopsy.  I’m just  worried for my big boy T A T ;;;;
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Coupon codes apply so swing by the shop if you have a moment! XOXO

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Sick Cat 🐈

Sick Cat 🐈:

My cat Clyde is 13 years old. He’s one of the sweetest cuddle buddies I’ve ever had. He’s my emotional support animal, as well as my roommates’ ESA. He’s an amazing cat who deserves the best treatment and care, and unfortunately, he’s sick. Earlier this morning, we discovered blood in his urine and he was throwing up milky, foamy bile as well as not eating his food. We took him to an emergency pet clinic around 12 (noon) – around the same time we discovered the blood and vomiting – and were here for about four hours. He’s still currently there because he was unable to produce a urine sample for them to test for a UTI, but they took blood tests.

They discovered that his glucose levels were very high and that he has diabetes, but that is for a different time and a different post. This post is me asking for help to pay this medical bill so that when it comes to buying insulin and taking him to his glucose screenings, we’re more readily able to pay for those things. This medical bill is going to set me back a lot because as of right now, two of my three roommates are unable to help reimburse, and I have to pay about $1000 in student loans and rent a month. This cost doesn’t include my own medical bills, transportation fees, groceries, and other spending that happens in my day to day life. The medical bill was just short of $600

If you could share this or donate, even just a little bit, I’d really appreciate it. I hate to ask this, but I need help and Clyde needs help and I want him to be as comfortable and healthy as he can be.

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Meet Salem! She’ll be 4 years old in spring of…

Meet Salem! She’ll be 4 years old in spring of next year. She’s extremely sweet and just wants to be a lap cat 24/7. Her hobbies include scratching her cat tree to ribbons when anyone opens a door, knocking her bed off the shelf she likes to sleep on, and shredding your junk mail for you. She is very playful and basically just wants to be loved.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m a truck driver, and I’m going to have to switch jobs pretty soon, and the job I’m going to have to take involves a lot of cross-country travel rather than the home every night job I have now. It’s not fair to her to pin her up inside of a tiny truck cab all the time, she doesn’t like car travel. So, I really would like to find her a good home where she’ll have the love, attention, and space she needs, and I need a little help getting the word out. She’s always been an only cat so I don’t know how she’d do in a multicat household. She is not up to date on shots (I’ve been struggling financially and no rescues in the area are able to take her), but she should be healthy, she’s been indoors with no other pets. If you don’t mind coming to central Florida to get her, she’s free to a good home.

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