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Hey everybody! This SUPER sucks to type up, but I could use your support! My little boy Edgar, who was gifted to me as a blessing from a beautiful angel ( @cat-bat ) isn’t doing so hot. He has to stay overnight at the vet’s right now because the last few days, he hasn’t been eating and has been throwing up bile. After some xrays and blood work, they found his colon is blocked and his stomach is completely empty, along with being super dehydrated. On top of being a distraught cat mom, we are also stuck with a surprise $1k plus vet bill.

We are fortunate enough to be able to pay it upfront but it seriously hurt us financially. So! I will be offering some traditional commissions! Y’all usually like these and I love doing ‘em, so if you’re interested, shoot me an email:

d.early8760 (@)
Subject: Edgar

These will be inked with accents, either paint pen or gel, and mailed out to your beautiful little hands, shipping included in the low price of $20, for original frameable art of your gorgeous ocs! I will take ‘em from Warcraft, Overwatch, Final Fantasy, Wildstar, your fandom is my business.

Thanks again so much and please share if you can!

Signal boosting!



Please Help Makhmal


Hello everyone,

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who liked and shared my last post regarding Makhmal’s Medical Fund.

So far, we have not received any donations. I must say, I am a bit saddened, but I understand that not everyone can donate and that the post did not reach many people. 

I don’t like to share my follower count, but in this case, I think it is necessary to help spread the word about Makhmal and her need for support from kind patrons like you. 

There are 21,562 of you wonderful people with wonderful blogs. It’s not a remarkable number, but it is a good number and I appreciate every single one of you for supporting me and following my appreciation for wild cats all over the world (including domestic cats). If only 4,000 of you donate just $1, Sara would be able to help pay off Makhmal’s surgery costs as well as provide continual support (physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc.) in the hopes that one day, Makhmal may be able to utilize her left hind leg to the best of her ability

Just one dollar and we can get Makhmal the help that she so desperately needs! 

Please help Makhmal and Sara! You can do so by reblogging and sharing Makhmal’s Medical Fund (my last post) and by donating, of course. 

Here is the direct link to Makhmal’s Medical Fund on GoFundMe

Every donation counts. Every reblog and share counts. Please do not give up on Makhmal. She is only 6 months old. A beautiful tortie shell kitten who so desperately needs your help. Please help her mom pay off her medical costs and provide her with the medical support and care that she needs. 

I know that this is not wild cat related, but a domestic cat is just as important and worthy of our attention and help. As you know, there are 39 extant species of cat, the Domestic cat is #40. 

Thank you guys so much! 






Donations Needed

I’ve never done this before, but I’m really struggling right now. I basically live paycheck to paycheck since moving out of my dads house, and one big setback has now cleared me of all my money.

I found my cat Berlioz (the one I just posted a video of) urinating a ton of blood in the tub this morning. Pictures for proof if anyone needs it:

Here is my good sweet boy:

I took him to an emergency vet and they quoted me $700 for his X-rays, blood work, and a gamut of other tests. This doesn’t include money for medications he may need to leave with. Please, if you can spare anything, you can send donations to my paypal at

I can pay about half this balance on my own, but over the next month I won’t be able to pay off the other half off of my credit card, which will put me further into debt. I hate to ask for stuff like this, but when it comes to animals I really just want him to be safe and taken care of… thanks, share if you can

Hi guys, this is a reblog from my personal tumblr. My cat is very sick and I’m having a hard time paying for care. Please reblog and share to other animal lovers, or consider donating a dollar or two! Every bit would help me and Berlioz.

This will probably be my last signal boost but please consider taking the time to reblog! It’s simple and it helps me and Berlioz out a lot 🙏🏻



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Sleepy friend Repeat! A warm girl is a happy girl. 🖤

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As you all know! I am dumpling! I’m the cute fluffy tortie kitten that is part of a family of four cats! My parents a trans partners who try really hard to give me a good life! Why make this post? Well…
My dad, Damien recently sued his former job (goodwill) because he was fired for being trans! That’s not okay! He got a lot of help and he was able to get the fees he needed paid off! He also got a new job! (His case is pending this takes a lot of time but in April he’ll see what can be negotiated and will update with full details!)

Sadly, he only gets the maximum of 15 hours per week. Lately it’s only 10 hours per week, sometimes even 7. He gets paid biweekly. As of recently he used his last paycheck to pay off back taxes on his former car, those were $148.00 he has about (Let’s round this up to an even number!) $800 of back taxes AND registration fees for his current car! That’s not including the $203.00 of car insurance! Which is why I’m here!

If he can pay the $203.00 by April 3rd he can keep his car on the road! But sadly there’s more! His current living situation has gotten bad. BOTH my parents are struggling where they are living. They are fighting with the neighbors who are not being kind and the cops have been involved. It began with gentle door income from my parents to the neighbors of keeping the music down, now to cops being called and threats being made towards my parents. Complaints have been filed! But my parents can’t take it any longer! So they’re looking to move with some help!

Here is the you caring:
Here is the :$ZivonRivera

Please help us! It’ll mean a lot! And thank you @mostlycatsmostly for showing me to the world! You’re an amazing blog with other awesome and cute cats and pets!

a photogenic boy 

a photogenic boy 

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Hi you guys just getting this out there. My best friend @creision​ is going through a really rough time. Her cat is super ill and this has been going on for close to two weeks. I love her cat dearly as does my friend and her mother. Here’s Pepper’s personal instagram if you guys want to get to know her. She’s so beautiful and feisty and I adore her little chirps. 

It’s been more than a week that she’s been sick. She won’t eat and she’s just not the cat she used to be anymore. She’s lethargic and sad. My friend has already taken her to the vet and there wasn’t a whole lot they could do without spending copious amounts of cash for more and more tests to see what’s wrong. The thing is, is my friend just barely got a job and her mom is recovering from a huge health scare. As important Pepper is to me and my friend, she’s even more important to my friend’s mom. She helped her get through some hard times. And I can’t begin to imagine life without her. I refuse to stop trying to find ways for her to get better. 

Which is where you guys come into play. I’m broke as all hell but I’m doing the most I can do and it’s by asking for you guys to reblog this post, to get the word out there to help my friend crowdfund enough cash to help Pepper get better. I need you guys. Boost or donate. Every little thing helps. 

Here’s a link to donate

and here’s my friend’s Tumblr if you want to contact her personally. She does have a paypal if you feel safer donating that way. 

Thank you so much. It means the world. x




*deep breath* Thank you everyone for always helping me out with the cats and your emotional support. I feel terrible asking for it again but if you could afford to share a little, it would help me a lot. I’ve been using a credit card to pay for nice cat food, cat meds and everything and I’m beginning to accept that I am not paying it back fast enough. The interest is going to eat me alive if something doesn’t happen. I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

If Duo doesn’t eat the good food he basically has diarrhea all the time. The expensive stuff has helped him so much and it’s killing me AUGH. It’s so strange to see how much better he feels, and to know that without these meds he would literally die. Even if I have to drown in debt, I’ll do it so he can have a happy life as long as possible

I also have an amazon wishlist with some cat care stuff here. Unfortunately, the food he eats isn’t on amazon.

Thank you everyone <3



Please help out my friend’s cat!

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I hate to do this here and I know it’s a long shot, but I need to find homes for these babies. I’m moving houses very soon and I can’t take them with me and if I can’t find homes for them I’m going to have to put them in a shelter and I’m terrified that they might be put down. None of them are fixed, and I know that’s usually a huge problem for people looking to adopt cats but we were never able to afford it, and I still want to try to find homes for them. If you live in the US in or around Tennessee and you’re interested in take one of them, please message me. This is my last hope. I love you all 💜

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Help Hadley Breathe!

Southern California Siamese Rescue rescued Hadley from a high kill shelter in in December, 2017. She had been adopted and returned to the shelter for being sick with a URI (upper respiratory infection).

Once in foster care at SoCSR, Hadley seemed to recover from her URI, but then it came back. At one point foster mom had to syringe feed her because she was not eating. When cats and kittens can’t smell, they don’t want to eat.

Hadley’s breathing continued to be restricted and foster mom noticed her making ‘snorkeling’ sounds in her attempts to breathe. It was time for a vet visit. The vet suggested a CT image be done so we could actually see what was going on in her nasal passage. The CT was done in the beginning of January. Hadley was a trooper and breezed through the procedure. The CT showed an obstruction in what should be an open space past the end of her nasal passage. It was suggested that Hadley be given time to grow a little bit so it would be easier to do the procedure to remove the polyp.

Hadley has seen a specialist again and it appears that the polyp has grown since the CT image was done. Her breathing is getting more difficult for her, she mostly breathes with her mouth open, and she can’t shake the URI which is likely due to the polyp. Surgery has been scheduled for Monday, February 26. Without the surgery, her chances of survival are not good. At only five months old, Hadley deserves a chance to live a full life.

The surgery is a bit complicated. The surgeon will go in through the inside of the roof of her mouth. Hadley will be hospitalized for two to three days after the surgery so she can be monitored. Since there will be stitches in the roof of her mouth, she will need a temporary feeding tube.

Most of us take breathing for granted – it is something a healthy body does automatically, without thought. Please keep Hadley in your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery so she too can breathe without effort.

We are hoping you will consider donating to help us with the cost of the surgery. The low end estimate we received is $3,548.67 and the high end $4,379.41.

No donation is too small!
Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you.

Update from Susan via GoFundMe:

We know all of you are anxious to hear how Hadley is doing after her surgery today. We are waiting for more details and will fill you in when we get them, but what we do know is that Hadley is out of surgery, the polyp was removed and she is and doing well. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts. Please keep them coming to Hadley during her recovery.

No donation is too small! Donations are tax deductible.

Any funds received over the goal amount will be used for Hadley’s medical costs during recuperation and followup doctor visits.

Help spread the word!