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Babs Needs a Home!

I try not to do this too often – I know it’s not what anyone’s following this blog for, but this poor baby’s story keeps punching me in the heart. The sensation moved up to my brain and I started thinking maybe I could do something to help.

Babs’ beloved person passed away. Instead of taking her in, surviving family absolved themselves of her and left her with animal control.  By then, her coat was so matted, she needed to be shaved. The displacement and stress of being in a shelter has been very tough on her and she’s starting to shut down. She’s lost her appetite and is spending more and more time huddled with her face hidden in the corner of her cage.  She’s also come down with a fever recently and is being treated with fluids and antibiotics. The vets think she’ll be okay, but this is no way for a sweetheart to live.


Babs is fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and about 8-10 years old. She didn’t much enjoy being shaved (who would?) but never motioned to swat or bite anyone, and I’m pretty sure her whiskers set some kind of record for length.  Also, don’t tell the shelter workers I told you, but her adoption fee has already been taken care of.

She’s with Shelter Friends of St. Charles, Missouri. 314-750-7979

So…is there anyone in the Missouri-Illinois area in need of a pretty lap cat?

Can you help me spread this around a bit to give her a chance at the kind of happy home she belongs in?

Thank you!

**UPDATE**  Some good news – Babs has found a foster home sponsored by All Paws Rescue to do some recuperating in so that she doesn’t have to languish in a cage. She still very much needs a forever home, though. If there are any interested parties, the place to contact now is All Paws Rescue

That said, every shelter and rescue and foster group out there is absolutely overwhelmed with cats, kittens, dogs and puppies this time of year.  So many animals don’t get a second chance like Babs.  If you have any room in your heart and home, please consider adopting or signing up to foster!  ❤

Click here to support Kitties of the Valley or…

Click here to support Kitties of the Valley organized by Pat Turman-White:


Kitties of the Valley here in the Rio Grande Valley Texas with a 39% poverty level are trying to raise $75,000 to complete the building and fencing for our sanctuary.  We have to dig a well, put in a septic tank, finish out the inside of the 16 x 50 building.  They are currently over 90 kittens in foster care, 60 in one home alone.  As soon as the building is complete we can move the 90 kittens out to the property. This will give them a better opportunity to be adopted.  Once the building is done we can get back to our mission trapping cats.  TNR trap, neuter, release, the only solution to the stray cat crisis.  Our 501©3 is still pending we will have in time for taxes. Thank you for your consideration.

Hey if you guys could give this a signal boost or a donation that’d be great. I follow them on fb and they’re nice folks. I’m just trying to support this local shelter and they’re nowhere close to meeting their goal. Please help. 


Paige needs help!



I don’t usually ask for money since I can get by, but recent events have put me in a tough situation. about a month ago I took Paige to the vet and found out that she has tartar build up in some of her teeth. since im in college and money is scarce, i can’t pay for much. 

Paige hasn’t been in my life long, but she has made such a difference in my life. my depression is bad, and I knew that if i invested in getting an animal, it would help. and I was right. she has helped me get motivated again. 

it pains me to think about her ending up in agonizing pain because of her teeth. her vet said that they can’t tell how bad it is until they go in and clean her teeth. this procedure alone is expensive for my budget (around $450), so please, help Paige out. any amount helps. if you can’t donate, PLEASE spread this around!

here is the link to her gofundme!

here are some pictures of her being her normal 12 year old self. 


again, anything helps. please please please donate or spread the word. Paige needs all the help she can get to stay healthy and happy!


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This positively angelic toasty boy could be your cat! I’m looking for a good home for Charming Toast and his shy mama Scaredycat. Chicago area +/- a 5 hour drive! Scaredy goes in for spay and vaccinations tomorrow!

Help find this kitty a good home!!!

This is his good Mama. She used to be feral but now she winds around your ankles at meal time and accepts pettins with happy ears and a happy tail 😻

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hey tumblr
i’m going to open emergency commissions along with my friend crystal to help pay for vet bills

this is my baby boy Congo, who is the most important pet ive ever had in my life. Congo was rushed to the vet’s today due to him not using his back legs. it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but the vet says the likely diagnosis for this is what is called saddle thrombus, which often has a grim prognosis
my very precious cat could possibly die and i don’t know what to do or how to handle it right now

ive included a picture of my vet bill to show what his current treatment is and its cost. as you can see, the highest cost for diagnostics and treatment is very near $3,000

here are some of my bust commission examples with prices:

sketch busts like this are $15
line art busts are $20
flat coloured busts are $30
full-colour/shaded busts are $45

here is my full commission information
to order a commission from me, simply shoot me a message here or via email at!

any help or signal boosts are greatly appreciated and loved and i can’t thank everyone enough for all the boosting already. i love this cat very very much and it pains me to see my baby this way and i want to help him and give him the chance at survival as much as possible

my friend crystal, bless her pure and perfect soul, is also holding emergency commissions for Congo (Dartty’s Commissions) and any donations should go to her paypal,

i seriously cant thank everyone enough for any help or signal boosting for my baby… i just want the best for him and for him to be okay, he’s so so very important to me.


Help bring Kiko home




Kiko is a 5 year old cat who was left at the vet by his previous owners in Abu Dhabi when they found out he needed his eyes removed.

Poor little Kiko is a fighter though, and is now doing extremely well, even without his sight.

We have found him an amazing home in the UK, with people who will love him, we just now need help raising some funds to help with the air fare, as shipping cats costs over £1,500. His new family can afford some of the cost, but we really need some help to reach the total.

Please help Kiko make his way to his loving new home in the UK.

We will provide full updates on Kikos journey once he makes the trip in October (Due to his snub nose he cannot fly during hot summer months).

Thank you all so much for your help, you are really changing this poor kittys life for the better! 


Signal Boost for Kiko.






Have you seen this cat? Merlin got outside and went missing on May 8th, 2018, and was last spotted on Sprenkle Avenue in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

She is short, fat, orange and white, with an orange mustache, and yellow eyes. She is very shy of strangers, and will most likely run away and try to hide, but she has never bitten or scratched anyone.

She is a very quiet cat, and only ever meows when she’s playing, so don’t expect her to talk alot if you see her. The only time she’s ever growled is when another cat is bothering her.

Please help us find her.

 Her ‘husband’, her two now-grown kittens, and my sister and I are waiting for her to come home safe, so please, signal boost this if you can, even if you don’t live anywhere near me. One of your followers might, and they might see her.

If you see her, or manage to catch her, please send me a PM.



Help this kitten!


Thursday night my boyfriend brought home this little baby who is about 6 weeks old. The next morning we took her to the vet and they confirmed what we were already suspicious of. She has ringworm. It’s a highly contagious fungal infection. Because of it she’s already lost patches of fur around her mouth and on her front leg. The vet prescribed us topical drops to put on the areas, but because of how infectious it is we also need to constantly clean everything she comes in contact with. After asking around and doing some research I’ve found some things that would not only help us clean up faster, but also help her heal faster. I put them on an amazon wishlist, it isn’t much but what’s there would be greatly helpful for us!

Click here to support Smokey Bear Needs a New …

Click here to support Smokey Bear Needs a New Smile organized by Alyssa Mitchell:


This big kitty belongs to someone I know in real life.

He’s already been through quite a bit, since his owner passed away and he was left alone. : ( My friend rescued him. She’s always done her best for him, but this amount of veterinary care is more than she – or anyone I know, really – can handle in one go.

@mostlycatsmostly @coolcatgroup i know you get overwhelmed with notes but if you are up for another reblog, you might reach more people than me? anyway! thanks everyone.

Fury’s No Good, Awful Day at the Vet



This is Fury.

Some of you may know him from previous rants. (I love him but he is one Naughty Kitty… lives up to the superstition of black cats, but I wouldn’t change him)

Earlier today I posted how he managed to mess up his tooth and wasn’t eating and we were hoping he’d get into an earlier appointment today to be checked out, and likely have the tooth pulled.

Turns out, he should’ve been flossing. Or not running into staircases. Or just bad luck of the draw. He has bad teeth. Like… bad. How bad you ask?

Oh about $900-1400 to fix bad.

Yeah. Yikes.

I started up a Go Fund Me, and if you’d like to donate, that’d be very cool, but a reblog would be swell too.

We even have reward tiers set up for $10,$25,$50 and $75 donations. Any amount is super helpful and appreciated.

Thank you everyone <3 Fury begrudgingly loves you all.